-Within 2-3 hours after the procedure, gently wipe the brows clean with the Waterwipe included in your kit. Reapply a layer of Aquaphor with clean Qtip.

-It may be a good idea to use an older (clean) pillowcase for the first couple nights of healing as pigment may transfer.

-Keep your face directly out of the shower stream & do your best to carefully wash hair and keep face as dry as possible. Keep clean, dry paper towels on the bathroom counter to pat dry if they accidentally get moist. Also keep showers brief, as too much steam can harm brows as well.

-After 10 days, resume life as normal. Begin cleansing your skin normally, including your brows with a gentle face wash.

What To Expect For The Next 10 Days

Day 1 -Finely detailed, slight redness
Day 2-4 - They become a few shades darker and more crisp and filled in looking as they form a light scab. This is only temporary- don't panic!
Day 5-12-The scab naturally exfoliates, peels and flakes away over the course of several days. Brows may become itchy. Light itching relief is fine just be sure and use a clean Qtip! The fresh skin underneath is white and has a waxy coating, making it appear that the brows are too light. Be patient!
Day 10-30 -On day 10- wash your brows with a mild cleanser! This will help the healing and shedding process at this point. The color may appear light, but will slowly come back to life and bloom back to the surface as that new, white skin you have settles in and heals. Wait at least 4 weeks to see the true color, as it will take on new strength, and it is only after 4 weeks that your touch-up/adjustment can be done. Your second appointment is to tighten up your shape, touch up any light spots and also to assess how your skin reacts to the process, and the chosen color.
This is a two step process. Brows look really finished after the 2nd appointment!

Things Not To Do

-DO NOT apply any eyebrow makeup until 10 days post-procedure.

-DO NOT pick or scratch at the dry skin/flakiness; let the skin fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring and premature loss of pigment.

-DO NOT apply make-up to the tattooed area for the first 10 days.

-DO NOT bleach, tint or dye the tattooed area for one month following the procedure.

-DO NOT apply any anti-acne products (e.g. Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Proactiv, etc.) or lightening creams (skin bleaching creams) such as hydroquinone to the treated area while healing.

-DO NOT apply anti-aging products or facial products containing Alpha Hydroxyls (AHAs), Retin-A, Lactic or Glycolic Acids


-DO NOT thread, wax, or use hair removal products on the treated area while healing.

-NO exercising and/or excessive sweating one day prior to getting tattooed and for 10 days after. Heavy sweating will cause the hair strokes to blur and detail to be lost.

-NO Sun exposure, swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas or other bodies of water for two weeks.